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Opret ny driftmeddelelse / Create new maintenance window

Vejledning: Der kan kun oprettes driftmeddelelser for samme dag. Benyt helst servernavnet (f.eks. 'SERVER1X'), ikke IP-nummeret.

Instructions: You can only create maintenance windows for the same day. Please use the server name (like 'SERVER1X'), not the IP.

Navn / Name:Start tidspunkt / Start time: (tt:mm)(GMT+1)
Firma / Company:Slut tidspunkt / End time: (tt:mm)(GMT+1) (op til 24 timer / up to 24 hours)
Din email / Your email:Servers/Equipment:
Telefon / Phone:
Send driftsbesked til (adskil med mellemrum)
Send notification to (seperate by space):
Kommentar / Comment:
Jeg ønsker at Cohaesio drifter serveren alligevel / I want Cohaesio to service the server regardless.
ADVARSEL: Du vil blive 'smidt af' hvis vi går ind for at drifte serveren! / WARNING: You will be disconnected if we log on to perform maintenance!
Jeg ønsker selv en kopi af driftmailen / I want a copy of the notification mail as well
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